Yes, it's me...

Hi, umm, I draw sometimes... It's a small hobby of mine, albeit one I wish I spent more time on.

I strive to draw in a style that could be considered kemono-like. What ‘kemono’ means depends on who you ask, but I go by a very generous definition: an anthropomorphic art style strongly reminiscent of Japanese and other east-Asian influences. And if I’m not drawing furry, I still go for an anime/manga style anyway.

Most drawings are of my cat, though you may find some pieces done as commissions, trades, or entries to Secret Santa-type events. This gallery may be a bit clumsy to navigate through as it currently is, but I would like to improve on that over time.

Why not sign up for an art site, you may ask? I’ve always felt them to be excessive: mantatory titles, descriptions, tags, and a lot of social networking? That’s too much sometimes. Hosting my own (or posting on Mastodon, Twitter, etc.) allows me to be as vague or specific as I want.

So, thank you for browsing. I really appreciate it…