Birthday Bot

An automated way to recognize birthdays in your community!

Birthday Bot is a utility for your community which enables your users to share their birthdays, check birthdays of others, and mark and announce birthdays as they happen. Server moderators can additionally set up a default time zone with users having the option to set their own, ensuring all birthdays are recognized precisely on time.

Getting started

Invite the bot via the link on the sidebar. Please note that several permissions are requested during the invite process which are required for the bot to function properly.

Once added, a small amount of initial set-up before it’s ready for use:

Optional, but recommended:

Supporting the bot

Birthday Bot is provided for free, period. No paywalled features, subscriptions, or monetization insentices. This is an independent hobby project done in my spare time, and all costs associated with it come out of my pocket. My only interest is to provide something that I hope others find as useful as I do.

That said, this bot has proven to be far more popular than I ever anticipated, and keeping things running has occasionally strained me both financially and time-wise. If you’d like, please consider pitching in a bit to cover my recurring costs by checking out my Ko-fi page on the sidebar.

Privacy and Security

This bot collects and stores only information necessary for its operation, then associated to user, server, and role IDs. As little information is stored as possible and access to the database is strongly restricted through proper security practices.

Birthday information is not shared between servers by design, for those preferring to be selective about where they want their information known. Users must set their birthday settings in each individual server.

Any questions and concerns regarding data privacy, security, and retention may be sent to the bot author via the support server or by opening an issue on GitHub.

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