Commission info

Hi! You’re probably here because you want to know more about commissioning me for a drawing.

I’m not great with expressing it, but I’m always flattered to know people might want my drawings this much. I thank you profusely for even taking the time to look in here…

An important note

I currently do not hold “slots”. Any requests and commissions I receive are placed on a list that I try to handle on a first-come, first-serve basis. Because of constant uncertainties in my personal life, I make no guarantees on how long it takes me to complete a commission.

I offer commissions as a courtesy for those who wish for a drawing from me, but I do not (and, realistically am not able) treat it as my job. I attempt to practice due diligence and respect the time and patience of those commissioning me, but sometimes other priorities must come first.

I may also sometimes need a break from obligations. I… hope you understand.


With that out of the way, here are my terms:


Payments will be requested via PayPal invoices.

After agreeing upon an initial rough sketch, an invoice will be sent and must be paid before any further work or refining is done. Suggestions and corrections are very welcome at this stage, but note the second to last bullet point in the previous section.



Due to frequent spam, I do not accept random friend requests on Discord. However, I am available via all other methods mentioned in the main page.