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Noi - Notes and reference

Physical appearance:
  • Anthro cat; many cat-like features (paws, digitigrade legs)
  • Short height and light build (150cm-ish tall, 35kg-ish at most)
  • Androgynous, young-looking face and body
  • White fur with thick horizontal stripes; Soft, flowing gray hair
  • Long, thick tail - about 1.5x-2x body length
  • Green eyes (some older pics don't show that)
  • Not limited to his 'usual' clothing; wears other things too
  • Always has his gray socks unless it doesn't fit with the outfit
  • Occasionally gets in a femboyish mood...
  • Shy, quiet, reserved, easily teased and flattered
  • Elemental attribute is wind:
    • Can become weightless, levitate, and fly
    • Floating comes very naturally, casually doing it often
    • Able to manipulate air and wind around him
  • Likes: Exploring, nature, hearing stories, close friends
  • Dislikes: crowds, noise, being excluded or put on the spot

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